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martes, mayo 03, 2005

Being a leader

Being a leader always requires two essential traits. One is an attitude of realizing the significance of our decisions and of accepting their results with the responsibilities that they entail. The other one is a continuous challenge to improve our leadership ability to inspire and lead people. I have continually asked myself these two questions. These are “Have I made the right decisions at every moment?” and “With what leadership abilities can I inspire my followers?”

“Have I made the right decisions at every moment?” Decision making is the most difficult task for a leader. When considering that my decision could influence someone’s life, it adds more weight and meaning. One day in 1995, some newcomers arrived in my office. I interviewed them and made the first assignment to each division. Since one of my responsibilities was personnel administration of all divisions, I usually interviewed every newcomer to assign them by their skills and aptitudes. Two years later, one of them questioned me that his first assignment was wrong because though he was evaluated for a different division after his interview I finally assigned him to his current division. Undoubtedly, it was my mistake. At that time, I recognized that my decision changed his two years and it would continue to change his future. Although the result of my mistake was significant to him, I couldn’t do anything but to hope that he would be satisfied with his life in the present and in the future.

“With what leadership abilities can I inspire my followers?” Team members inspired and motivated by their leader can make better teamwork and efficiency to achieve the team’s goals successfully. Thus, an inspirational leader is highly appraised and required by organizations. When one master sergeant made the teamwork worse, I decided to avoid the problem by removing the cause because I used to avoid the problem rather than to solve it. I suggested to my boss to reassign him to another division. After hearing my suggestion and the reason for it, my boss stared at me for a while and permitted my suggestion with one piece of advice, “Only an outstanding leader can achieve goals with bad staff.” Although I came out of his office with his permission, I could not reassign him because I didn’t want to limit myself to being one of the ordinary managers showing weak leadership abilities. After that, like my boss became an inspirational leader to me, I made every effort to motivate him and to achieve goals with him.

Now, I realize that I have tried to answer the two questions above, and that I decided to apply for your prestigious MBA program to find better answers. Therefore, I believe that the discrepancy in scores is trifling and my capabilities are enough to complete your program. Although my admission might take away a chance of admission from other excellent students, my admission will be a more valuable chance for your school to make another excellent student.