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martes, mayo 03, 2005

Entirely new life

As a nature lover, I would want to return to nature. At Poon Hill near the Annapurna Mountains, I will build my small hut, a lodge for trekkers from all around the world, where I will spend my whole life reading books and listening to music. Sometimes I will serve some hot coffee or warm meals to trekkers who visit my hut to watch the sunrise over the Himalayas. Also I will create a warm atmosphere by decorating the walls with pictures of visitors I’ve met and with stories about their lives that I’ve heard.

Some people, having the same idea that the nature is not what they have to conquer but what they have to return to, will visit my hut at Poon Hill to become a part of nature even if just for a few days while many people try to climb Mt. Everest. During the couple of days in my hut, trekkers will experience and feel another kind of peace and happiness. Furthermore they will learn to love the monotonous daily life filled more with trivial affairs than with amazing ones, and find the meaning of life because life, which is sometimes regarded as nature itself, consists of a series of small events. The quiet and peaceful time in my hut will create a mood to enable them to recall their past and to remind them of their families which they left. On the last day, with memories of the beautiful sunrise and the peace of Poon Hill, they can go back to their beloved ones.