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miércoles, mayo 04, 2005

Initiate a club

At your school, I would like to set up a Business Planning Club. This club will provide students with an opportunity to design business models for their future business. The club's activities will further encourage any student who has fresh ideas in pursuing his own future business. I think that clubs in your Business School probably fall into four categories; local country related clubs, industry related clubs, business field related clubs, and sports related clubs. My club might seem to be similar to an Entrepreneurs Club or a Consulting Club. However, the aim of my club is to further students' skills in business by analyzing and planning and to facilitate students or sponsor corporations to start new businesses. Furthermore, it will help with searching for the required technology and venture capital for realizing business plans.

First of all, to initiate this club, I will find students who have interest in business planning, who have fresh ideas for future business, and who have a goal to run their own businesses. Therefore, I will try to contact other clubs which are related to specified industries, business fields, and countries. I will build strong inter-relationships with other specialized clubs in your Business School because creating successful business models requires deep knowledge and broad experiences about different environments of each industry and all business fields such as marketing, corporate finance, and operational strategies, and is specific to each country. For each project, I will organize a project team by combining experts from other clubs. Moreover, to further its activities and to communicate with the wider school community, members will look for new ideas from other students through business idea contests or from corporations by sponsorship agreements as well as sharing member’s own ideas.

Surely, the Business Planning Club will be the most valuable club in your Business School. I believe my club activities will clarify members’ future goals in detail as well as establish solid human networks of future business leaders. Some of our business plans will be realized as the foundation of future big corporations. Most importantly, however, members will learn how to work with diverse people from different industries and business fields, and how to understand their unique interests and cultures. I would like to have a chance to start up my club with future classmates and to design my future business at your Business School.